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The United Low-Current Systems Company operating under the "" brand has been known in the gambling industry security systems market for since 2005. During this time our main area of business – casino video surveillance – was supplemented by other low-current systems, allowing us to become a turnkey equipment supplier for casinos.

Today our company offers a wide range of low-current systems for gambling facilities:

  • video surveillance systems
  • access control systems
  • telephone communications systems
  • computer networks
  • entertainment terrestrial and satellite TV
  • musical equipment for halls
  • access control systems and safes for hotel rooms
  • warning systems
  • waiter call systems.

Since we started our business, our company has implemented over thirty projects which involved equipping projects under construction and upgrading existing systems. This has put us among the leading experts this field in Russia and the neighbouring states. Our priceless experience in working with the gambling industry is what sets us apart from the multitude of companies operating in the security systems market. Another trump card we hold is the supreme quality of installation worked out in premium-class casinos of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Combined with equipment from internationally acclaimed brands with a history of successful application in various casinos in the USA, Europe, Asia and Russia, the quality of work we offer guarantees the utmost reliability of systems supplied to our Customers.

The geographical coverage of projects carried out by our company includes the Far East, Siberia, the Volga River Basin, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk and Erevan. We have developed projects for casinos in Argentina and on cruise liners. The latest major and remarkable project by our company is the Oracul Casino in the Azov City Gambling Zone where one of the largest and most sophisticated security systems in Russia is still being created today. We have installed and upgraded security systems at such casinos as Metelitsa, National, Imperial, Kutuzov Hall (Moscow), Premier, Goodwin, Slava (St. Petersburg), and a number of other less known facilities.


St. Petersburg, Russia

Alexander Pedan
Business Area Manager

ICQ: 264-526-041
Skype: alexander_pedan
Phone: +79219492813
Anton Buklin
Project Manager

ICQ: 204-135-499
Skype: Untoha98
Phone: +79119415317


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